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About Us

Otel Spider is the first eCommerce Services and Consultancy company for hospitality industry in Egypt. Partnering with hotels, hospitality companies and hotel chains management’s in eCommerce full services that improve their properties online presence, boost their online bookings to drive their online revenue targets and build their hotel’s brand image.

Otel Spider is focused on providing hotel with the skills/expertise and necessary tools to gain the greatest Return On Investment (ROI) while tracking digital activities with clear KPIs.

About Us









Otel Spider is committed to being the leading and most trusted company, uncovering the hidden revenue opportunities and markets to bring innovation and integration to every hotelier.


  • We focus on a long term business success through making sure that our clients always have an edge over their competition.  

  • We help hotel partners bring current and future hospitality trends to deliver great online hotel tools and expertise for revenue and profit maximization.

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