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Smarter Web Design that increases your direct bookings from the visionary expert in the hotel website design


Revenue capturing Web Design with cutting edge technology.

We design tailor-made websites, each one complete with all the content needed to present your uniqueness to those seeking information about you in the most professional manner.



Our website builder has advanced technology that 80% of websites don't have. It's good to attract but even better to CONVERT!


Your guests can enjoy the ultimate personalized experience when visiting your hotel website. Using our powerful website personalized tool, your site's content will automatically adapt when activated by pre-defined triggers such as number of visits, time of day or visitor proximity.

Simply choose from a library of pre-made actions such as adding a special message for first time visitors, displaying a discount code to mobile users, showing the dinner menu from 6 PM - 10 PM, or create your own to fit with your unique business goals to convert more from your hotel website.


Add a click-to-call button so they

can easily get in touch.


Use Geo-location targeting to

show a map to your premises


Display a pop up to show

special hotel offer


Welcome them back with a

discount code.


Promote seasonal events or

special days with custom imagery


Show your offer based on the device that a user is visiting from (desktop, tablet, or mobile)


Help your visitors find you in search engine results!

Make Google happy with a super fast website. Site speed is a key ranking factor and with our website builder, yours will be optimized for Google Page-speed automatically. A speedy website has been proven to be great for user experience and helps get better search results – it's win, win!

Customize page URLs

Clearly show your visitors where they are on your website and improve search engine visibility by customizing the URLs on each page.

Begin with the basics

Want to get to page one on Google? Start with some SEO basics – easily add page titles, image tags and meta descriptions to help search engines understand what your website is all about.

Add your sitemap

Tell search engines which pages to crawl by setting up your sitemap. It's generated for you so all you need to do is quickly add it to your site.


Discover the many features of Simply Site, designed to create a modern, complete and professional website.

Unlimited Pages

Want to add more to your website? Don't be restricted - create as many pages as you like. Whether you want to dedicate a page to a photo gallery or add more information about you and your services – there's no limit, so get creative!

Edit By Device

Control and customise every element of your website on every device. Change how your site looks and works on a desktop compared to mobile or hide various elements on one device and show on the other.


Take your website further… open it up to the whole world. With more than 55 International languages to choose from, you can easily implement new languages and quickly edit individual pages so nothing ever gets lost in translation.

Drag & Drop Editor

Thanks to the “Drag & Drop” feature, you can use our Editor to easily create your website.

Create A Blog

Regularly connect with your visitors and keep them up to date with relevant news and information by adding a customisable blog to your website. Not only is it a handy way to communicate, it looks great on any device and automatically matches your site's design.

Built-in Analytics

Boost your business and make informed decisions by analyzing your site's statistics. View how many visits your website gets, where your visitors are from, which pages are most popular and much more. Plus, you can easily integrate Google Analytics for a deeper analysis.

Backup Your Site

Enjoy complete peace of mind! Before making any changes to your website, simply backup the current version so you can revert to it if your changes don't go according to plan.

Captivating Backgrounds

You can also add a video background to your web pages. Use parallax effects.

Developer Mode

Access your website’s HTML and CSS. Features for the experienced user. This is available on Custom Pro plan.


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Otel Spider is the first eCommerce Services and Consultancy company for hospitality industry in Egypt. Partnering with hotels, hospitality companies and hotel chains management’s in eCommerce full services that improve their properties online presence, boost their online bookings to drive their online revenue targets and build their hotel’s brand image.

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