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Revenue Rules | Channel Manager | YieldPlanet

We are happy to inform you that Revenue Rules in your Channel Manager have been extended with time-based rules!

There are 2 types of rules in Revenue Rules that hotels can use from now on:

  • Allotment-Based Rules are designed to increase or decrease price or to close out certain channels when allotment is in a specified range.

  • Time-Based Rules are designed to increase or decrease price for specified booking window or calendar dates.


Time-Based Rules is a new functionality that triggers price change irrespective of the number of available rooms. Rules can be run every day at a specific time or automatically activated after any price change. 

What is also special in regards to Time-Based rules is that they can be reversed and rates go back to previously set levels. 

Major advantages of time-based rules:

  • Possibility of automated price actions like applying advance purchase or last-minute discounts within basic rates.

  • Time-based rules can modify any price per hotel or per channel level.

  • Time-based rules and allotment-based rules can be used at the same time – allotment rules will increase or decrease rates when allotment criteria are met while time-based rules will be fired on a certain booking window or date range.


YP's Channel Manager is an extremely fast and precise distribution solution. It allows hoteliers to synchronize data between your property and hundreds of OTAs, GDSes and your own website. YieldPlanet provides the industry’s most flexible solution to optimize the prices of your rooms and offers.

Learn more about YieldPlanet: website

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