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New Partnership Model for Google Hotel Ads

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

We would like to inform you that BookOnlineNow has agreed with Google on a new Partnership Model for Google Hotel Ads.

Based on the new agreement, commission is no longer charged for all bookings, valid and invalid, based on the booking date, now commission is charged only for confirmed bookings based on the departure date.

In more detail, by using Google Hotel Ads:

  • Commission is charged per confirmed reservation.

  • Commission is charged for confirmed reservations based on the Departure Date.

  • Invalid Reservations (cancelled, fake, non-show or any other type) are not charged.


What is Google Hotel Ads.!


Google Hotel Ads (GHA) is Google's MetaSearch platform for hotels, which is distributed to all relevant Google products such as Google Search, Google My Business Account and Google Maps. The platform displays your hotel rates in direct comparison to the OTAs.

As a hotelier, it is especially important to participate in Google Hotel Ads as you are an ally of Google in the competition with OTAs.

The main benefits you can get are:

  • The reduction in intermediate costs and commissions.

  • The reservation is completed on your Booking engine with the full details of the guest and the hotel has full control of the reservation.

  • The visitor sees not only the prices of OTAs on Google but also the prices of your own booking engine.

Proven, Google Hotel Ads is the most efficient Metasearch channel, and we strongly recommend you to activate it.


Service Activation


Hotels that already have the service activated will automatically switch to the new Partnership Model.

To activate the service, please contact us now.

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