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BookOnlineNow | Change of No Availability Message

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

BookOnlineNow allows hotels to create a tailor-made message for the cases all room types do not have availability OR in cases the search criteria of the client do not apply to hotel’s room capacity.

The default message displayed in such cases is:


Now by the new version we run in BON backend, you can create any message and translate it into languages covered, that fits the hotel’s standards.

The message added in the Extended Description box will overwrite the on-default message.


  • Try the message to be as informative as possible. We suggest you keep add also our on-default message and depending hotel’s needs just apply extra message required.

Example 1:

  • We apologize, there are not available rooms for the selected period. Be informed that our hotel is a seasonal hotel and is open between 01/05 – 31/10. If your travel schedule is flexible please choose a different set of dates.

Example 2:

  • We apologize, there are not available rooms for the selected search criteria. Be informed that our hotel rooms maximum capacity is 3 persons. In case your travel group is more than 3 persons you are kindly requested to select more rooms for your search.

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