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B2B Suite | Connect With Travel Agents All Around The World!

Updated: May 6, 2021

We are so excited to share with you that BookOnlineNow has enabled the new service B2B Suite on your BookOnlineNow extranet account.

BookOnlineNow B2B Suite gives travel agents the chance to easily make direct bookings via your hotel's website booking engine with NET prices and real-time availability.


Β2Β Suite Services!


Via our B2B Suite you are able to:

  • Negotiate directly with Travel Agents for your rates, policies and payment conditions.

  • Manage availability and NET rate plans for Travel Agents.

  • Manage access of new Travel Agents to your B2B Suite. You can simply enable or block access.

  • Avoid paperwork, phones and email requests. All reservations can be booked directly online through the booking engine.

  • Find new Agents through BookOnlineNow B2B Agents Network .

  • Ask your existing Agents to connect through BookOnlineNow.


Terms and conditions!


The cost for the use of the service is 1% commission per valid booking.

More information about Terms and Conditions you can find at BookOnlineNow extranet under the Travel Agents menu section.


Activation of B2B Suite!


For more information about the service and its activation please contact us via email at

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